[VIDEO] HOT, COLD OR SOLD? The Perfect Temperature for Selling a Home

The staging is in place. The home photographed beautifully. You have showings lined up, but for some reason, potential buyers aren’t “staying” in the home long enough to fall in love and make an offer. What could the problem be? In the summer or winter when the weather is less than ideal, you are going to want to make a potential buyers experience as pleasant as possible. Two items on my agents “must do” list are to turn any ceiling fans on low so the air circulates throughout the property, to avoid a musty, unlived in smell. The second "must do" is set the thermostat a little higher in the winter and a little lower in the summer. Yes, the seller will still have an energy bill to pay, but the cost is well worth it if it leads to a sale.

So what is the right temperature?  An example would be at least 72 degrees in winter and at the most 70 degrees in the summer. On a scorching summer day you want home-buyers to feel refreshed and cool. While on a cold day, a potential buyer wants to want to walk into your listing and feel warm and cozy touring the property. If he or she doesn’t immediately feel the warmth coming from the heating system, the house won’t seem as appealing. Shivering buyers are less likely to enjoy their visit, while, sweating buyers will feel shy and embarrassed. Unappealing temperature will force buyers to halt the showing, leave early and may ultimately be put off from making an offer. The potential buyer will also start to consider if “energy costs” are the reason the temperature isn’t welcoming. A properly set thermostat ensures buyers that your home’s heating and cooling systems are functioning correctly.

Most “sellers” ask us, "why you heat or cool a listing when the home will be vacant?" The simple answer is potential buyers should feel comfortable and welcomed (period). They should feel as though your home is an inviting and relaxing place to spend their time and money. If a property feels too hot or too cold it could cost you a potential sale. Remember, making a good first impression is an important part of ultimately finding a potential buyer -- and it all starts with a feeling