Real Estate Agents Learn How to Choose a Home Stager

If you’re planning on growing your RVA real estate business in 2019, and be able to represent your client’s property while on the market effectively, you should look at hiring a home stager to be apart of your real estate team. 


Many times, a real estate agent or home seller will hire a home stager based on convenience or a hand-me down referral, rather than on professionalism and experience.  


That’s no way to treat one of your client’s most valuable assets (their home), is it? So, before offering this service to your clients make sure the home stager you’re hiring is qualified to get the job done.  


Do your research and ask an RVA home stager to present you with these facts first:  


Are you certified in home staging, and do you seek out continuing education? 


It’s important to be aware of hobbyists in the industry. A professional home stager will take the time to get certified and continue to educate themselves when it comes to industry trends or business practices.  


Unlike the real estate industry, home staging is not regulated profession, so there are only a handful of reputable companies the Real Estate Staging Association recognizes when it comes to training a stager. When a home stager becomes a member of our industry’s associations these designations highlight their commitment to the profession. 


Our company, Jsquared Interior Staging and Design has a bachelors degree in Interior Merchandising & Interior Design we’re also a proud member of the Real Estate Staging Association (RESA) and the Home Staging & Redesign Association (HSRA) and was named most influential in real estate staging in 2018 from both RESA and HSRA. We also received HSRA Top Home Staging and Redesign Team of the Year for 2018 and was recognized for service as an HSRA board member. 

Awards JSquared.png

Does your company have the proper insurance and contracts in place to operate? 


A home staging company should have liability insurance. Ask for proof of insurance to protect your client’s home and valuables. A professional stager will also require a signed contract before work starts to verify the terms and conditions of the project. Don’t choose a home stager based on their cheap rate. Get the details of exactly what they’ll provide so there are no surprises during the reveal. Jsquared Interior Staging & Design is a fully licensed, bonded and insured home staging company. 


Is your company experienced in staging properties? Ask for stats. 


Just because a home stager is certified and has all the right designations behind their name it doesn’t make them qualified, they need to prove their experience. An experienced stager will have statistics to share with you about their own company results, as well as an extensive portfolio. 


Copy of 2018 Accomplishments-3.png

Do you have property photos of your company’s transformations? 


Inside a home stager’s portfolio there should be multiple before and after pictures of their work with varying design styles, not examples of other stager’s work, stock photos or their training providers. The stager should be able to go through the images and tell you what they did to transform the space, the furniture and accessories they chose plus, how quickly the home sold --- so make sure to ask about the transformations. 


Want to see Jsquared Interior Staging & Design’s portfolio? See our most recent transformations here. 


What is the buyer demographic and target market for this area? 


An experienced and professional stager will understand the Greater RVA market and what sells in each town of that area. Glen Allen homes have a different feel than The Fan or Jackson Ward, so we look at what’s recently sold –how to replicate that in your client’s home and how to differentiate your listing from neighboring competition. The home stager you hire should know how to profile the buyer and target them within their staging plan. 


Can you share any references or testimonials? 


The key to learning about a company’s work ethic and customer service is to ask past clients about their experience. A stager should have testimonials (written or video) on their website and be able to share the contact information of past clients who valued the company’s work.  


Consider all these qualifications before a hiring a home stager, and if you’re in the Greater RVA looking to sell a property contact us. We look forward to helping you create comfortable, functional and beautiful spaces for your client’s homes that provide rapid results and set sales records.