5 Home Staging Tips Every Real Estate Agent Should Suggest

A Vacant Staging for Lifestyle Home Builders, Photo by: Tour Virginia Homes

A Vacant Staging for Lifestyle Home Builders, Photo by: Tour Virginia Homes

As a real estate agent, you’re on the frontlines — initially having access to your next product in potentially its worst condition to market. It’s like selling a used shoe. Who’s going to buy something that’s scuffed up, worn-in, and has a foul odor? No one, unless it’s got a red-bottom sole. 😉

So, how can you be proactive about preparing your client’s property for sale? By presenting our home staging services to your clients, prior to listing — giving them the biggest chance to sell quickly.

We focus on a property’s first impressions, and while we create customized home staging plans for your clients to succeed we do suggest that you always recommend these simple techniques to create a picture perfect space.

Less Is More

In most properties a home seller will need to spend time decluttering a property before placing it on the market. We suggest pre-packing items your client will not need while on the market. This can include bulky furniture, personal decor, collectibles and seasonal items.

Now, in a vacant property where less is none — you should consider adding key furnishings to set a frame of reference for potential home buyers, not to mention provide a warm, welcoming space they can dream about.

Cleanliness is Key

Once the client’s belongings have been reused or removed, it’s time to deep clean. Prior to staging a home, our company requires homeowners to clean their properties. Dirty dishes, laundry and extreme dust must be taken care of so we can focus on rearranging furnishings and create a lifestyle for buyers to aspire to.

Agents should make the seller aware of their daily cleaning responsibilities that includes:

  • Having a system for mail, shoes and jackets

  • Keep countertop surfaces clear and wiped down

  • Keep crumbs, garbage and dishes under control

  • Make beds daily

  • Maintain laundry piles and put away once cleaned

  • Wipe down bathrooms

Have a conversation with the home seller and if they feel like they won’t be able maintain a cleaning schedule suggest investing in a housekeeper while on the market.

Wet Paint

Oh what a fresh coat of paint can do to a front door, a specific room or even housing materials like cabinets, tile and countertops. It’s important to choose your colors properly, according to what’s being painted, as well as, what materials will have to coordinate with that fresh coat. We recommend contacting us to get a customized color. A few of our go-to hues to create a neutral palette from Benjamin Moore are white dove, halo, silver fox, coventry gray, revere pewter and eternity. From Sherwin Williams, mindful gray and accessible beige.

Enhance the View

In most cases, we suggest home sellers remove all window treatments from the home, especially ones dating the space. This helps maximize the amount of natural light entering the room and gives the space an airy, open feel. At the very least agents make the sure the window treatments are completely open before showing the house.

Accessorize the Bland

Often times style takes a backseat to daily life inside a home. Agents representing a property with “just the basics” should suggest that their clients take the time to spruce up the space with a few key accessories — like adding new throw pillows, a piece of art, plant, candles or new bedding.

These types of accessories will inexpensively add style, texture, pattern and drama to a home. We want to create a “wow” factor that buyers remember and feel empowered to make an offer.

BONUS TIP: Masking Smells

We mentioned adding candles, put it’s also import to have a conversation with your clients about any smells inside the home. From pets, food, clothes or shoes, smoking, mold, appliances and air vents. When showcasing a home we recommend clients get rid of the sources of bad odor, rather than simply mask the smell with a scent.

Once the odor is removed try a simple scent like orange, lemon, basil, vanilla, green tea, pine or cedar. These scents are easier to sort out, less distracting and more conducive to getting a buyer to spend money.