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Richmond Magazine Talks Staging Real Estate with Jsquared’s Johnathan Miller

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Gracing the cover of June’s Richmond Magazine is Jsquared Interior Staging & Designs Owner Johnathan Miller, a top-ranked, nationally recognized, Home Staging pro, whom the magazine consulted for its piece, “Real Estate Illusionist” for the annual real estate issue. Noting several “back-to-back years of growth” in the market, the article delves into what the future may hold & how home staging can help agents sell more properties.

Richmond Magazine Home Staging June Cover 2019

Bridget Beari Home Store hosted “Designing to Sell” an event that paved the way for this feature after hearing Johnathan speak at the Las Vegas Furniture Market in January. Johnathan along with former Jsquared employee Tori Toth were the guest speakers to lend insight into the ins & outs of the Home Staging Industry.

The article notes the importance of convincing sellers that most of their possessions need to leave the scene before their first open house. “Ninety percent of the resales we do means their furniture comes out,” Miller says. “I tell sellers it will help them disconnect from the home, and it’s a way to pre-pack,” And, not to mention, staged homes sell faster.

There are many things you need to consider when selling your home, and Home Staging is certainly an important one on the list. Having your property professionally styled can help to achieve three key things to gain the best possible sale price:

  • Provides your property with a broad appeal style which targets the buyer demographic for the property type and location. In turn, this can increase potential buyers and traffic at inspections.

  • Improves the way your property photographs for online and print marketing. Often the buyers first impressions of a property are the images they see online.

  • Maximizes space and highlights the best features of the home with the right furniture and accessory placement

Read the full article here. Learn more about the Jsquared process. by Susan Winiecki

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