How do you have your listings stand out in a crowd? Is it your MLS photos? A portfolio of fast and profitable sales? Marketing? Referrals?

Did you know that Realtors who incorporate a home staging consultation into their listing services are consistently getting more marketable properties? An agent offering a consultation is meeting the fiduciary responsibilities by preparing clients properties to sell fast for more money. Below are five reasons offering a home staging consultation can help you take all of the avenues of your business to the next level

Reason 5: Saves Your Time & Energy

Home Staging and Being a Realtor are two very different fields, and they should be working separately. The agent on marketing and selling, While Stager on getting the home ready for that marketing.

Reason 4: Helps Preserve Your Commission

By offering a staging consultation, you are giving yourself a strong USP (unique selling proposition) and showing the seller you want to achieve the highest possible price in the shortest amount of time.

Reason 3: Ensures the Best MLS Photos

Today’s buyers expect a clear, flattering image and often professional-quality video tours you must always remember that you are in the business of first impressions. Staging a property is creating a killer first impression.

Reason 2: Creates a Reputation for Success

Our clients’ properties sell for an average of 6.3% over asking price in 12 to 28days. By offering our service and statistics, you can show your value and avoid a commission reduction.

Reason 1: Keeps Your Pipeline Full

An active pipeline is crucial for your future success as an agent. A significant part of managing a sales pipeline in the real estate business is staying at the forefront of customers’ minds an agent can do that by offering a staging consultation.

By offering a Home Staging Consultation, you are affecting a buyers profit which will translate into dollars, cents, and numerous referrals.

Going out of your way for each client is a good Agents Job. Adding an occupied consultation to what you offer your clients can add an enormous amount of value into getting a home ready for sale.

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Johnathan Miller