Why Stage a Vacant Property in Richmond

Here at Jsquared Interior Staging & Design we love tackling the vacant, cold, boring space that the previous homeowners have left behind— well, because they need some love too, right?

According to the Real Estate Staging Association vacant staging is described as staging in which the stager supplies all the furniture, artwork and accessories for an unoccupied home.

Our team specializes in the vacant staging process. Our goal is to provide the crucial home furnishings, including furniture and accessories, in order to give the property a spacious warm welcoming feel for a homebuyer.

Why does this matter? By adding furnishings that create an emotional connection point a buyer can get excited about the property, enticing them to make an offer quickly.

Here’s the problem with unoccupied homes:

Only 10% of Home Buyers Can Actually Visualize the Potential of Home

That means only one person out of every ten touring your property has the imagination and creativity to see the true possibilities this space has to offer them.  Your vacant space is set up to fail, if you don’t take the guesswork out of showcasing the home’s lifestyle.

If you have a vacant property (or have one as a listing) here are four reasons why you should take the time to properly prepare and showcase the house for sale first.

A Lifeless Space

What emotion do you feel when you look at this empty, unstaged room?

A Garage Converted Into a Family Room

A Garage Converted Into a Family Room

Without home staging this room seemed odd, cold and confusing — it was a garage that had been converted into a family room, but without the furnishings telling the story it seemed like a glorified storage space.

A Playroom Worthy of the Family

A Playroom Worthy of the Family

By bringing in fun, funky furnishings this space instantly establishes a place where the kids can play games or watch movies together with the family. The colors, the materials turns this lifeless space into an everyday entertaining space. (Just imagine all the toys and games you could hide in those closets.)

 Vacant Spaces Are Flawed

Like people, properties too are not perfect because of course they’re made by people. From the architectural floor plan to materials used to outdated decor there are several variables that can affect a space — making a room flawed.

Vacant spaces are especially scrutinized because there is no “pretty decor” directing the eye or highlighting a positive feature inside the space.

A Faux Fireplace Sits Center Stage in the Dining Room

A Faux Fireplace Sits Center Stage in the Dining Room

In this dining room image above, notice the black hole to nowhere. It’s a faux fireplace that ideally should’ve been removed, but we worked around it.

Dining Room After Property Staged

Dining Room After Property Staged

Now, the space feels finished. The main highlight is the table verse the faux fireplace, right? That negative feature is de-emphasized to highlight the spacious seating area for grand meals.

No Frame Of Reference, No Sale

An empty room ALWAYS looks smaller than it really is because without furniture there is no frame of reference to determine how big the room actually is.

Don’t give homebuyers the opportunity to ask these questions during an open house:

  • How big is this room actually?  

  • Will my stuff fit in this space?

  • What is this room for?  

Before Staging a Room with Lack of Purpose

Before Staging a Room with Lack of Purpose

Just look at the image above without furniture it’s not only difficult to determine what this room should be used for, but what’s the scale and size of the space. When the buyer lacks answers to these simple questions-they walk away.  

After Staging This Room is Defined

After Staging This Room is Defined

Take a look at the same room staged. This space is obviously big enough to house two seating areas and has been showcased as a bonus room that can be used as a breakfast nook, a place to play cards or have a casual conversation together.

No Emotional Connection

The entire sales process of purchasing a home rides on a feeling. Most homebuyers purchase first with their emotions and then justify the purchase with their wallets. 

Why? Because a home is several things: it’s where you live, it’s where you raise your family, it’s a reflection of who you are, it’s a status symbol.

The simple fact is a buyer can easily get attached to one property over another. That’s why you need to make sure your space stays top of mind. You want the buyer to feel an emotional attachment to the space by visualizing themselves living there — this can ONLY be accomplished when a property has furnishings.

Let us help you furnish your vacant properties for sale, contact us here to avoid spending twice as long on the market than staged or even “occupied” homes.