Occupied Home Consultation by our Occupied Consultation Specialist™

Jon Miller has been expertly trained by Bobbie McGrath developer of the Occupied Consultation Specialist (OCS)™ program. The OCS™ system provides our clients with immediate, one-on-one feedback sharing exactly what needs to be completed right away to prepare the home for the quickest, most profitable sale! 

Systems Are Key

This service is perfect for the DIY seller by providing detailed and objective advice easy to follow and implement. The OCS™ framework follows a simple step-by- step process to that highlights an honest, unbiased and professional perspective.  We want to show you what buyers want and exactly how to give it to them! So, a seller can accept an offer in no time.

A Distinct Advantage

As a real estate agent, this service allows you educate a seller on how staging is NOT about making a house pretty; it’s about making the property MARKETABLE, to beat out neighboring competition for the biggest return on your client’s investment --- and ultimately more money in your pocket.

The OCS™ Process

It’s important for a home seller to change their mindset from “my home” to  a property that must be merchandized and marketed properly. All tips and suggestions presented are made with the intention to sell the property faster and at a larger profit.

This is a seller’s jump-start to make moving day less stressful!

During this 2-hour VERBAL consultation, we encourage the seller to take notes as we go through the property, from curbside to laundry room, thoroughly discussing:

·     What appeals to today’s buyers

·     What to pack, what to keep, what to move

·     Paint colors that sell properties

·     How to arrange furniture

·     Tricks for closet organization

·     Adjustments to lighting

·     Shopping list suggestions to create the model home look

·     Cosmetic changes that have the most powerful return on investment

·     Home seller safety


This one-on-one verbal consultation is a flat fee of $300 and includes the following:

·    Professional guidance from a certified Occupied Consultation Specialist™

·    A Home Prep Guide and Check-list

·    Showing Instructions and Open House Check-List

·    Vendor referrals and recommendations


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